How to improve your website traffic

How to Improve Your Website TrafficHow to improve your website traffic….? Internet Marketing gurus tell us that to fix our websites we need to make the world much more interested in what we offer and everyone will beat a path to our door, raising the value of our bank balance.

But is it really that simple? Do we simply have to get more people beating that proverbial path to our dorr?

Focus on the right kind of traffic

Many website owners are focused on just getting any traffic – hits to their website. You don’t need more people hitting your website, what you really need is more people to buy things – more people spending money.

Your website does not need MORE traffic generally, it needs the SPECIFIC people you are looking for.

So – how do we do that?

Three steps to improve your website traffic

Step One: Decide EXACTLY who you are looking for to visit your site. No more broad, woolly, fluffiness; instead absolute pin-point focus. For instance, if you are a law firm do you offer “legal services” or are you really trying to get middle-aged, male, business owners who want to get advice on employment law for businesses that employ less than 25 people? Narrow your niche…!

Step Two: Find out what your specific audience really wants to hear from you. Do keyword research, run customer surveys, get out and talk to people. Don’t rely on just one technique – find out in every way possible what people want from your website. Then use that data to inform your content on your web pages.

Step Three: Connect with your target audiences. If indeed you are a law firm seeking those middle-aged male business owners, go to where they go, use social networks they use, be where they are – get known in that community.

All it really means is that you need to focus your website on a specific audience, provide exactly what they want and then connect with them so that you can promote your web presence. That way you will get more of the right kind of traffic, leading to more business.

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